Why is UV-C disinfection the best way to purify water?



We regard water as a godsend, but unsanitary drinking water is a scourge, affecting millions of Indians every year. We don’t think much about the health or the lack of contaminants in the water we consume, assuming that the water purifier is doing its job. When we are in a hurry, we simply turn on the tap and take a glass of water to make tea, cook rice or soak lentils. We assume that the water will not cause any damage. But this is far from the truth.

Why is UV-C disinfection the best way to purify water?

We need to pay more attention to warnings about pollutants, toxins, bacteria and other disturbing extras that end up in drinking water. This is because impure water can be more damaging than you think. On the milder side, it can lead to allergies, skin conditions, and diseases of the digestive system. Water can also contain harmful chemicals as well as toxins and microbes that can lead to serious health problems. It can carry pathogenic bacteria and viruses, including cholera, giardia and typhoid. Some of the most common problems encountered when consuming unsafe water are gastrointestinal illness, diarrhea, nausea, intestinal or stomach cramps, intestinal or stomach pain and discomfort. Sometimes you may not see any signs or symptoms, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t potential long-term effects. Contaminated drinking water can affect your gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, or reproductive system, and can sometimes even lead to chronic illnesses such as cancer. Impure water can be fatal.

There are enough reasons not to take the water you drink for granted and to do everything you can to make sure it is 100% safe. Here are four reliable methods to purify water.

1. Boil: Tap water contains parasites, germs and impurities that you cannot see with the naked eye, but their effects can be life threatening. Boiling water is the easiest way to get rid of it. But often we don’t understand the basics? How long does it take to boil water? After being brought to a boil, it should be allowed to roll for one to three minutes. This water must then be covered and allowed to cool before consumption.

2. Water purification by UV-C: UV-C water purification is one of the most effective methods of disinfecting water. In this technique, special “germicidal” UV-C lamps, emitting high intensity ultraviolet light, purify the water without using harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Most water purifiers in India are equipped with UV-C tube. Although the filters are checked from time to time, it is also important to ensure that the UV-C tube is functional and genuine. The next time a technician comes to your house to clean your water purifier, be sure to inquire about the condition of the UV-C tube as well.

Why is UV-C disinfection the best way to purify water?

UV-C radiation destroys dangerous bacteria and viruses that can cause disease but does not remove important mineral salts from water. Therefore, this method is considered healthy. It is also durable, as no toxic byproducts are formed in the process.

Most of the branded water purifiers in India are equipped with UV-C tubes from OSRAM. This century-old German brand offers a wide range of UV-C tubes with different intensities and lengths for household and commercial water purifiers, air purification in HVAC / AHU units and for equipment used in surface purification. .

3. Distillation: Distillation is a method of water purification that collects pure water in the form of vapor using heat. Here, the water is subjected to a heat source until it reaches a boiling point. It is then left to vaporize. This vapor is conducted in a condenser to cool, then inverted into liquid water which is clean and suitable for consumption. This method is also effective in removing bacteria, germs, salts and metals like lead, mercury, etc. However, distillation is a very slow process. Moreover, it also requires a heat source for the purification to work and is expensive.

4. Chlorination: Chlorine is a strong chemical that has been used for several years to treat water intended for domestic consumption. It kills germs, parasites and other pathogenic organisms found in soil or tap water using chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine. It is both cheap and efficient. However, people with thyroid disease should consult a doctor before using chlorine. When using chlorine tablets, it is important to use them in hot water, so that they can dissolve well, leaving them clean and safe.

Why is UV-C disinfection the best way to purify water?

Which method of purification is the best?

The only method that is safe, convenient and environmentally friendly is UV-C water purification. Please note that not all blue color tube lamps are UV-C tubes. So always make sure that the UV-C tube replaced during regular maintenance of your water purifier is from a genuine brand like OSRAM.

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t compromise on, it’s the quality of the water you drink. After all, clean water is life.

OSRAM UV-C tubes are accredited worldwide and are supplied to most brands of water purifiers in India.


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