Techpools: Filtration – Circulation – Waste Chemicals

Swimming pools will always turn back into a green swamp if left untended, and no one wants an unhealthy, unattractive swimming pool at the center of prime real estate. A clear goal of a healthy swimming pool is to use a simple system that combines economy and performance – and Techpools on the Costa Blanca North has the ideal system.

What is the basis of a in good health, attractive swimming pool?

-Circulation – A goal of at least three times the turnover per day

-Filtration – Biologically adapted media that traps fine particles and prevents bio film

– Disinfectant added in controlled values ​​throughout the day

-Adjustment of pH added in controlled values ​​corresponding to the effect of the disinfectant

What are the components what do Techpools use?

Vvariable speed circulation pump (PSV)

The VSP allows the water circulation to meet the minimum volume demand of three times at a controlled energy consumption over a given time.

Being able to set the pump to deliver the required turnover while running all day means that residual chemicals can reach all areas of the pool, preventing stagnation.

VS-Ps programmed to run most of the day at reduced speed means less noise and less stress on the technical room.

Filter media

Traditional sand/glass filtration media grinds organic matter down to the filtration specifications of the media, then spits the ground particles back into the pool – this is called biofilm. The biofilm then adds to the work required of the disinfectant chemical.

PureFlow media is 100 times lighter than glass media, trapping contaminants. It requires far less backwashing, which reduces water loss and costs.

Distribution of chemical products – Intellichems

Two distributors are installed. One delivers liquid chlorine (disinfectant) the other sulfuric acid (regulation of PH). These programmable machines allow circulation on demand and inject the right amount of chemical into the pool throughout the 18 hours of circulation made possible by the VSP.

The demand for chlorine disinfectant is controlled by the use of liquid chlorine which contains no additives, thus avoiding overstabilization, which gives a very pleasant water quality. No discoloration, red eyes, blonde hair turned green or stained tile grout.

The PH dispenser keeps the water balanced. The natural effect of chlorine oxidation results in the off-gassing of CO2 causing an upward drift in pH which, if left unchecked, will unbalance the values ​​of the saturation index. Intellichems does the job, so you don’t have too much of it.

In conclusion, a planned and thoughtful strategy using controlled rate circulation, biologically designed filtration and chemical distribution will result in a much higher quality, hygienic, safe, reliable, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing swimming pool.

To find out more about Techpools and how they can improve your pool systems, contact Simon on 659 999 044 or [email protected]

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