SKF acquires Europafilter, manufacturer of lubricant filters



Efolex manufactures the EF2100 oil cleaning system.

Swedish bearing manufacturer SKF has purchased Efolex AB, another Swedish company that manufactures Europafilter-branded industrial lubrication and oil filtration systems. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Efolex produces offline filtration systems used in process manufacturing and the energy industries. The company has ten employees.

Thomas Fröst, president of industrial technologies at SKF, said the acquisition is a good addition to its current range of services. “In addition to being an attractive stand-alone product, the Europafilter technology is a good strategic addition to RecondOil’s double separation technology offering and will expand our overall lubrication management capabilities.

RecondOil was added to the SKF portfolio in 2019 with the aim of helping customers reduce the environmental impact of their operations. RecondOil’s patented double separation technology enables sustainable use of industrial oil. The technology is provided as part of service or compensation contracts that reinforce SKF’s rotary equipment performance and lubrication management offering.

Efolex manufactures the EF2100 Oil Cleaning System, which removes water and solid contaminants from oil systems. EF2100 Oil Cleaning Systems (OCS) are off-line units, which means that a small amount of oil is taken from a tank or continuously bypassed from a main annular line, cleaned and then returned to the oil system.

OCS are individual circuits and will not affect any function of the oil system or the affected machine. Standard cleaning systems consist of 1 to 6 cleaning boxes connected in parallel.

The volume and viscosity of the oil determine the number of housings required for proper cleaning efficiency. Each system consists of motor with pump, before and after oil sampling valve / purge valve, drain valve, pressure gauge and shielded hydraulic hoses. The components are mounted on a steel plate.

SKF products and services around the rotating shaft include bearings, seals, lubrication management, artificial intelligence and wireless condition monitoring. SKF is represented in more than 130 countries and has around 17,000 distribution points worldwide. Its annual sales in 2020 were SEK 74,852 million and the company employed 40,963 people.


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