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The French group FHE has developed a 2.5 kWh storage device capable of storing electricity in the form of heat during the day and releasing this heat at night to supply a heat pump for heating and hot water. . According to the manufacturer, it can retain more than 95% of its initial performance after 20,000 cycles.

The French group FHE has developed a residential thermochemical energy storage system that can be coupled with solar energy production to provide heating and hot water to a household.

“Our storage system can ensure a 100% solar self-consumption rate”, the company’s CEO and founder, Jonathan Laloum, said photo magazine. “It is compatible with all heating and hot water networks and the connections are made by simple hydraulic connections.

Called Inelio, the device consists of a solid-gas sorption system based on adsorption and thermochemical processes. This type of system uses an evaporator/condenser, a refrigerant which changes state by condensing or vaporizing, and a reactor/adsorber. The latter is an active solid material capable of adsorbing and desorbing gaseous refrigerant to generate heat and regenerate the system, respectively. “As these two phases are not simultaneous, these technologies intrinsically adapt to a storage application with the ability to produce heat and cold on demand”, Laloum Explain.

The storage system is able to store excess solar electricity as heat during the day and release it when the sun is not shining for space heating or domestic hot water. “This product can be easily combined with our Inelio Dynamic heat pump and enable 100% solar self-consumption,” Laloum emphasized, noting that the company’s heat pump series includes products ranging in size 8 to 16kW.

The storage system has a power of 2.5 kW and a storage capacity of 2.5 kWh. It measures 1450x760x286 mm and weighs 95 kg. According to the manufacturer, the storage device can retain more than 95% of its initial performance after 20,000 cycles.

The system comes with a 20-year product guarantee and is developed in Perpignan, southern France, where the company is headquartered. “Our production is located in Kenitra, Morocco, with a capacity of 12,000 units per year,” Laloum added.

The system is sold for €7,500 in France. “This enables a rapid and risk-free return on investment thanks to the 20-year performance and material guarantee,” Laloum concluded. “After its launch, Inelio is a real success, we have already equipped 400 homes in three months and our order books for the first half of 2022 are full.

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