Process and control today | Waterless condenser for larger scale reflux and distillation reactions

Developed in response to customer demand, Asynt’s new CondenSyn MAXI is ideal for large-scale synthetic chemical reactions and is the latest addition to their popular laboratory air-cooled condenser range which has been proven in dozens of thousands of installations worldwide.

The CondenSyn MAXI allows scientists to efficiently scale their experiments from small benchtop synthesis to large volume jacketed reactor vessels.

Manufactured using a unique design and manufacturing method, the CondenSyn MAXI has a large, specially fabricated surface area for efficient condensation of solvent volumes greater than 1 litre. With options suitable for reflux and distillation applications, the CondenSyn MAXI is a high performance alternative to traditional water cooled condensers. Available in two lengths, the CondenSyn MAXI is suitable for use under vacuum as well as standard and inert laboratory atmospheres.

Providing clear visibility of ongoing experiments, the CondenSyn MAXI is easy to clean and maintain. It is sturdy and washable like standard laboratory glassware in a dishwasher or solvent cleaning bath and has a useful anti-roll feature that makes storage easy.

Without the need for constant running tap water for cooling, the CondenSyn MAXI also allows laboratories to significantly reduce their environmental impact and running costs. It also negates any potential flooding or solvent loss.

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