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Jenton International is showcasing at PPMA Total 2022 the smartest way to keep packaging lines, food processing conveyors and work environments hygienically sanitized with JenAct UV.

In September at the NEC in Birmingham, Jenton International revealed how to reassure workers this winter about the continuing threat of coronavirus and other airborne diseases.

Introducing the latest range of its state-of-the-art UVC disinfection equipment, pathogens in the workplace are less of a concern, thanks to JenAct UV’s air and surface disinfection solutions.

Why UV?

UV has been used for disinfection for over a century. UVC light has been proven to kill bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 and drug resistant bacteria, on surfaces and in the air. Thus, the specialized lamps used in JenAct UV equipment can be used to disinfect workplaces of all sizes, effectively deactivating pathogens present at 99.99%.

Scientifically tested, measured and categorized, performance can now be modeled accurately and reliably. As JenAct has perfected its UVC light solution by developing software that allows the company to tailor disinfection performance to customer requirements, including airflow and dimensions, as well as pathogens specified.

Peace of mind for food packaging

The centerpiece of the JenAct display was the JenAct UV roller disinfection conveyor. Provide 99.99% sanitization of packaging surfaces and packaged products transferred from low to high care in food production facilities.

Providing full 360 degree UVC exposure, disruption of RNA in viruses and DNA in cell nuclei of bacteria and molds occurs on all packaging surfaces. By inactivating microbiological contaminants, it prevents their spread to packaged foods. The result is dry, contactless, chemical-free inactivation of viruses, bacteria, and mold on anything at risk of cross-contamination.

Essential to the food preparation and packaging industry, the UV lamps used in both the UK made JenAct UV Roller Sanitizer Conveyor and the rest of the range have been specially modified for a use in cold temperatures. Ideal for protecting people, products and packaging from dangerous bacteria and moulds.

Other JenAct UV products for air disinfection include GRU-V® wall mounted systems for small spaces such as pubs, bars, restaurants and hospitality venues where there is no HVAC system existing ; Torpedo® UV systems to improve air quality in environments with HVAC systems and air ducts; as well as horizontally mounted UV Jet™ systems designed to sanitize up to 3,500 m³ of air per hour in large production spaces.

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