PermaClean, FlexForce and Will-fill from Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions

Conveying and Filtration Solutions Jorgensen introduces three new systems that reduce labor and improve performance throughout the machining process.

The new PermaClean filtration system eliminates sludge buildup by adding optional agitation to the coolant collection tank. Ejector nozzles keep coolant moving, suspending chip particles and preventing them from settling. Collection tanks equipped with PermaClean combined with cyclonic filtration are virtually maintenance free and significantly reduce the labor required for frequent tank cleaning.

PermaClean integrates with Jorgensen’s multi-stage filtration system which includes the EcoFilter conveyor and filtration cell, additional filtration options and fine filtration for high pressure applications. It also adapts to improve the performance of any Jorgensen filtration system.

To reduce coolant reservoir maintenance, Will-fill, a new metalworking fluid optimizer, combines automatic volume measurement and metalworking fluid analysis with seamless filling, conditioning ongoing and timely reporting to provide worry-free coolant maintenance.

FlexForce is Jorgensen’s new high pressure cooling system available in 500 psi and 1000 psi options. It passes through the heat-generated vapor barrier created at the cutting tool and workpiece which can cause surface deformations and damage to tooling and carries coolant directly to the cutting area, improving lubrication and heat dissipation. It also increases coolant and tool life and improves surface finishes.

Jorgensen will showcase PermaClean, FlexForce and Will-fill at IMTS 2022 along with the FlexFiltration modular line, chip handling systems, conveyors and the new Auger Assist conveyor which handles higher chip volumes and reduces the labor required for handling of the chip hopper on machines with a cone/screw discharge system.

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