OriginClear installs EveraBOX for integrated municipal water disinfection

CLEARWATER, Florida–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OriginClear Inc. (OTC Pink: OCLN), the Clean Water Innovation Hub™, announced the inaugural delivery and installation of its pre-engineered system EveraBOX™ to implement a low-risk liquid ammonium sulfate (LAS) disinfection system for the Beaver Falls Municipal Water Authority (BFMA) of Pennsylvania. Typical of MWS products, EveraBOX is made from inexpensive and durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP) materials. These materials have proven to be less affected by the supply chain issues currently plaguing metal and fiberglass construction.

With the launch of the EveraBOX™ system, OriginClear adds another equipment offering to its extensive line of existing water equipment products.

“Having this selection of pre-engineered equipment packages allows water engineers and consulting firms to specify water infrastructure solutions that install quickly at the customer’s site, reducing the engineering time, manufacturing costs and site installation costs”, said Daniel M. EarlyPE, Chief Engineer of OriginClear and Managing Director of MWS.

EveraBOX, a standardized solution Modular water systems (MWS), is a compact and customizable modular water equipment enclosure system developed for the water industry that enables end users to achieve significant improvements in integration, delivery, commissioning and equipment life cycle operations. OriginClear’s Progressive water treatment (PWT) provided expert design and start-up services.

“The BFMA water treatment plant at Eastvale needed a turnkey solution to replace their hazardous anhydrous ammonia process with a low risk liquid ammonium sulphate (LAS) system (for generating of monochloramine, providing a powerful and durable residual disinfectant for the distribution network). Progressive Water Treatment engineers worked with BFMA and Entech Engineering throughout the design phase to deliver a custom, modular EveraBOX solution.

“The EveraBOX unit includes a 2,500 gallon bulk tank (with bulk fill connection and secondary containment), 130 gallon day tank, transfer pump, three metering pumps, hose and valve manifold and a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), capable of communicating with the existing plant SCADA panel,” Mr. Early said.

After seamless hookup of electrical and chemical supply lines, the OriginClear PWT team provided start-up assistance and on-site training to BFMA plant operators, including a demonstration of the alarm capabilities of the API. Currently, OriginClear is helping BFMA’s systems integrator regulate the flow rate of LAS metering pumps for more efficient chemical use.

“The OriginClear PWT team was absolutely integral to the success of this project! shared Mark Widdersheim, PE, senior project engineer for Entech Engineering.

Modern infrastructure projects expect to have a minimum lifespan of 75 years or more, requiring integrated water systems that last just as long. While steel and concrete based equipment solutions are expensive, have a limited life cycle and take longer to install, Modular Water’s structurally reinforced thermoplastic systems plug in and start operating almost immediately, with expected life for modern projects.

OriginClear aims to provide a one-stop-shop for pre-made water solutions. Through its Modular Water Systems and Progressive Water Treatment subsidiaries, OriginClear offers technologically superior, cost-effective equipment that is proven to work. Their clients include some of the biggest known names in the world, including an American clean-energy automaker, an eco-conscious luxury hotel chain, and a multinational tech company known for its e-commerce.

Committed to democratizing access to much-needed water solutions, OriginClear launched Water On Demand™ to include performance-based financing as a key component. Water on Demand™ allows commercial and multi-family residential buildings to install water-by-the-liter recycling systems on-site and pay like a utility bill, with no upfront cost.

“We are delighted to partner with business owners, developers, architects, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers and leading companies such as Entech Engineering, to bring our technology solutions to the first-class water to commercial and multi-family residential buildings,” said Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of OriginClear. We are excited to be at the forefront of this clean water revolution, to bring clean, safe and abundant water to everyone.

About OriginClear Inc.

Once a government monopoly, Clean Water is becoming private. Local industries and communities now treat and recycle their own water, helping to reduce the load on municipal systems and save on rapidly rising water rates while meeting the challenge of climate change. It’s good for business and good for sustainability, and now innovative fintech, Water On Demand™, is enabling this megatrend. For the first time, Clean Water becomes an investable asset, open to Main Street investors, with the potential for generational royalties. OriginClear® is the Clean Water Innovation Hub™ for on-demand water and Modular Water Systems™ – a leader in prefabricated on-site systems made with sophisticated materials that can last for decades. Receive weekly live updates every Thursday by subscribing to www.originclear.com/ceo.

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