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Online loans with instant approval without Credit Bureau

The instant loans without Credit Bureau are a good choice if the loan has to reach the borrower particularly quickly. The instant confirmation gives the borrower direct information as to whether the loan application was successful or not. For many online direct banks, this check is carried out “immediately”, but usually does not take longer than 24 hours on a working day.

Installment online loan

Installment online loan

After signing the loan agreement, the bank releases the loan and transfers the full amount to the bank account specified in the agreement. From this point on, the loan comes into force and must be repaid in installments over the agreed term.

The peculiarity of online loans with instant approval without Credit Bureau is not only the fast processing and payment time of the loan, but also the fact that the Credit Bureau entry of the borrower is not checked. Many applicants who already know about their previously debited Credit Bureau entry and therefore do not want to receive a rejection from the bank due to the negative Credit Bureau choose this option.

This entry is not queried for the loan without checking the Credit Bureau, even if the bank is of course well aware that the option of a Credit Bureau-free loan was not chosen for no reason. Swiss banks usually always issue loans without asking Credit Bureau, which is why these loans are ideal as Credit Bureau-free loans.

Simply select the perfect loan online

Simply select the perfect loan online

Using a loan calculator, borrowers can find the perfect loan for their own claims free of charge and without obligation. Should this be an online loan with an instant approval without Credit Bureau, it can therefore also be taken out through Swiss banks. Even if the Credit Bureau is of a negative nature or is not to be queried in the first place, borrowers must of course have an appropriate credit rating to take out the loan.

The immediate approval can only be given if the evidence of the income of the person concerned also makes a loan approval possible, otherwise the bank unfortunately has to reject the application. A regular income plays an important role here, which is why people in permanent employment with above-average income have a good chance of getting a loan, even if the Credit Bureau is not checked.

Officials are also welcome customers at Swiss banks, as the salary is relatively high and protection against dismissal is relatively secure. Ultimately, of course, the individual situation of the borrower is always important, which is why a free loan application can be made by first, even if the estimated creditworthiness may not be sufficient.

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