NBET to buy 40MW of electricity from Mabon hydroelectric plant

Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading (NBET) Plc has announced that it is close to entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Mabon Hydropower Station for 40 MW of power.

This was revealed in a statement by Ms. Henrietta Ighommore, Head of Corporate Communications, NBET, in Abuja on Tuesday.

NBET said the purchase of 40MW will help strengthen and stabilize the Nigerian grid.

What NBET says

Ighommore said that “Mabon Hydropower Station is strategically located in Dadin Kowa region of Gombe State and is the only power station located in the North Eastern region.”

She said the additional electricity from Mabon would help reduce the current weighted average cost of electricity in NBET’s portfolio, as hydroelectric generation is relatively cheap.

She added that this is a sign of the administration’s commitment to boost the commercialization of small hydroelectric plants and bring them upstream to increase electricity production.

  • “The PPA is also in line with Nigeria’s commitment to UN COP 26 on accelerating action and supporting the framework on climate change.
  • “As the hydropower plant is a clean source of energy, Nigeria is striving to fulfill its obligations.
  • “President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is committed to reducing carbon footprint and supporting climate change initiatives,” she says.

Ighommore’s statement says the purchase also comes at a time when the country needs all the available power it can generate and distribute to end users. He added that NBET had held a consultative forum with industry stakeholders on how to facilitate the power procurement process, which was part of the series of actions undertaken by NBET before the closing of the PPA. with the Mabon hydroelectric plant.

  • DISCOS made significant contributions to the meeting with a commitment to work collaboratively with other market players to improve and enhance the electricity supply for Nigerians.,” she says.

In case you missed it

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