Most host communities still lack electricity

From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

The Hydroelectric Power Generation Areas Development Commission (HYPPADEC) said most of the host communities are still living without basic social amenities after all they have sacrificed for the nation.

HYPPADEC Director General Abubakar Sadiq Yelwa made this known during the opening ceremony of a five-day training workshop on leadership and strategic management organized for the management and senior staff of the committee, in Abuja.

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Yelwa emphasized that the commission is a representative of federal and local communities, to ensure that no community is left unattended.

“Some communities are suffering and have not settled. They have sacrificed a lot but they have no power supply. we have over 1,500 that we will be using the state and other offices to make sure they are captured.

“They suffer from neglect, lack of water, schools and insecurity. There are communities that cannot resettle due to insecurity. In some areas, we donated motorbikes to the militiamen to help fight insecurity.

He further explained that through the training, the host communities would benefit from the expertise and experience of the staff, adding that constant training will improve the effective functioning of the commission.

“This training aims to adequately prepare our staff for the task ahead. Before that, we had a training program for all staff, where they were welcomed with an onboarding program for all state offices at the same time.

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“This time around, we are hosting a management retreat that will guide and enhance the knowledge of management staff for effective delivery of programs and projects at the commission.

He further added that by 2027, host communities would be the best place to live.

“Over the next five years, with all the rights available and the resources due to them, if granted, the environments would be happy. We hope that the commission will be able to meet the short-term challenges of the communities, which involve access to drinking water, basic health care, education and the rural electrification program”, a- he declared.

Finance and Administration Manager Haruna Gabi earlier in his remarks appreciated the commission to equip his staff for the tasks ahead, “certainly at the end of this program I am optimistic that all participants would be enriched with administrative techniques that will help them. deliver efficiently

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