Lumenlabs Far-UVC Disinfection System Protected Tokyo Olympians From Current Coronavirus Threat



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Lumenizer germicidal luminaires are protected by patent pending technology and trade secrets that represent revolutionary breakthroughs in the human-safe application of Far-UVC light, Gant said.

The historic Tokyo Olympics began with strict constraints to prevent the spread of highly infectious coronavirus variants. To protect the health of their athletes from the threat of airborne pathogens, the Chinese national team has relied on patent-pending Lumenizer filtered UVC light technology, said Scott Gant, president and co -Founder of Lumenlabs, LLC.

“Lumenizer germicidal luminaires are protected by patent pending technology and trade secrets that represent revolutionary breakthroughs in the safe human application of Far-UVC light,” said Gant. “The Covid-19 pandemic and emerging variant viruses have created a growing $ 34 billion market for proactive disinfection. The Lumenizer Disinfection System represents a safe and effective 222nm Far-UVC application for occupied areas. Our Lumenlabs team brings this revolutionary and vital technology to market through a network of global resellers and strategic partnerships. “

Postponed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2021 Tokyo Olympics officials established a wide range of public health measures ranging from vaccines to quarantines and masking to restrictions on hygiene and attendance. In addition to vaccinating all of their Olympic athletes and staff, to provide a complete layer of protection, the Chinese national team installed Lumenlabs Lumenizer advanced far-ultraviolet disinfection fixtures throughout their housing and training facilities.

Developed by Lumenlabs, LLC, a global company with R&D centers in the United States and China, Lumenizer 222nm Far-UVC Filtered Light Technology enables efficient, automated and continuous disinfection of occupied spaces. Lumenizer safe for humans disinfection has been shown to be 99.9% effective in deactivating airborne viruses and bacteria, as pathogens lose their activity and cannot regenerate.

In 2013, the Radiology Research Center at Columbia University School of Public Health discovered that extreme ultraviolet light can be used to kill airborne microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. Experiments have been carried out to prove the effectiveness and safety. In 2018, Dr David Brenner published an article in the authoritative scientific journal “Nature” confirming that far ultraviolet rays of 222nm do not harm the skin and eyes.

For decades, conventional germicidal UV light, emitting around 254nm, has been used to disinfect critical unoccupied spaces such as hospital surgery rooms. UV light is well established as a very effective antimicrobial against bacteria and viruses, however, it cannot be used in the presence of people as the higher wavelengths penetrate deeper into tissue, potentially causing damage. damage to the skin and eyes. Far-UVC emits shorter wavelengths than traditional UVC with a peak at 222nm that does not penetrate the human dead skin layer or the eye tear layer.

Compact and easy to install, the Lumenizer Model 300 Germicidal Fixture features 60W input power, efficient and powerful Far-UVC output with a tilting bulb on the ceiling or patent pending wall that evenly disinfects air and surfaces with an area of ​​172 ft² (16 meters²). Three ultra-high purity quartz glass bulbs with a patent-pending Lumenlabs light source design optimize the efficiency of the Far-UVC generation. A built-in 100-layer coated nano filter provides the highest far UV pass rate and harmful UV blocking. Other features include an innovative high-frequency high-frequency driver, compact design, automated instant start, replaceable bulb, cost-efficiency, longevity and safety, and are ozone-neutral and mercury-free.

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