Leaders cross Windsor-Essex focusing on health care and power

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NDP leader Andrea Horwath was in Essex on Sunday to tout her party’s commitment to strengthening home care, while Liberal leader Steven Del Duca visited Windsor and called for an independent review of this which he described as the region’s shortage of hydroelectric capacity.

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“We know (home care) has suffered in recent years,” Horwath said, speaking from a local residential backyard. “We know we can fix this so people can get the home care they need and deserve.”

If elected, the NDP has pledged to hire an additional 30,000 nurses and 10,000 PSWs to help improve people’s ability to stay home to get the care they need instead of a hospital bed. ‘hospital.

Horwath said his party would also scrap Bill 124 to help give nurses and healthcare workers a significant pay raise from pre-pandemic levels. She also plans to turn PSW jobs into permanent full-time jobs instead of part-time jobs.

With the impact on long-term care homes and the loss of more than 4,000 lives in these facilities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, “there is now a real understanding of how Doug Ford’s cuts to health care hurt people,” Horwath said.

Meanwhile, Del Duca pledged on Sunday whether power cuts under Premier Doug Ford and the Conservative government – ​​which tore up some renewable energy contracts after being elected in 2018 – had anything to do with the potential loss of LG Chem’s possible $2.5 billion investment in Windsor.

“Windsor’s manufacturing industry is an engine that propels Ontario’s economy,” he said. ‘The fact that Invest WindsorEssex just two weeks ago likened the region’s lack of electricity capacity to ‘a third world country’ and now claims that local electricity supply is not a problem doesn’t matter. to boost the confidence of current and future investors.”

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If elected, the Liberal Party will ask the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to conduct an independent review of government cuts to renewables.

“The Ontario Liberals will fix the power shortage in Windsor, shine the light on what happened with LG Chem and reveal the true state of the region’s energy supply so that investors have the confidence they deserve,” said Del Duca.

Horwath also weighed in on the issue of electricity: “I know we can do a lot better when it comes to making sure the electricity infrastructure is up and running and making the necessary investments to have a market for vehicles. solid electrical.

“We can and will fight for Windsor – not just with words, but with the kind of actions that will convince LG Chem to come to Windsor-Essex.

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“Unfortunately, the Ford government has done nothing for the past four years to ensure the electricity capacity was there to support the LG Chem plant.”

But Ford countered that Windsor would have enough power not only for LG Chem if it chose to reconsider and locate here, but also for any other potential economic investment.

During a campaign stop two weeks ago at Valiant Machine and Tool in Windsor, he pledged to invest about $1 billion in five new transmission lines in southwestern Ontario.

“We have the three transmission lines that are moving fast and that’s going to be able to meet all of the power needs that are needed in southwestern Ontario,” Ford said. “But we have two more ready to go. We will make sure we have enough electricity for any business that wants to set up here.

Essex County’s electricity demand is expected to double over the next five years – from 1,000 to 2,000 megawatts – thanks to a growing population, expanding greenhouse industry, new electric vehicle batteries and its supply chain.

“We will stop at nothing to build the infrastructure necessary to support these investments,” Ford said.


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