Israeli water tech firm launches new water disinfection system

NUFiltration, an Israeli water technology company specializing in water filtration and disinfection systems, announced the launch of new models of NUF water disinfection systems for agricultural production facilities. NUF water disinfection systems provide filtration and disinfection in a single pass. NUF’s technology enables 100% physical separation of pathogens. Applicable to all indoor and vertical agricultural installations that use coco peat, rockwool, hydroponics, aeroponics or any other combination of cultivation.

The reused and sterilized membranes, reprocessed by NUFiltration, consist of UltraFiltration (“UF”) membranes manufactured according to medical standards, providing a filtration rate of 3.3 nm, smaller than common bacteria and viruses, and whose quality is tested according to medical standards. NUF membranes remove bacteria, viruses, suspended solids and a wide range of organic matter from water mechanically and without chemicals or other additives, enabling filtration and disinfection in a single pass and the way the simplest.

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