Inflation-hit new electricity bills piss off consumers

Islamabad: The new electricity bill coupled with rising prices and inflation has made people wonder if they are middle, lower middle or lower class.

Consumers of different power supply companies including Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) are expected to pay Rs 7.99 per unit as a fuel adjustment charge in electricity bills for the month of June.

One of the consumers living in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi said he received Rs 6163 for 235 units including Rs 2281 in fuel adjustment charge while he paid bills of Rs 4743 for the use of 268 units for the month of May this year.

Another consumer said he paid Rs4117 for 215 units for the month of May while he now received a bill of Rs5743 for using 211 units in electricity bills for the month of June.

The bill also includes Rs2300 as a fuel adjustment charge. This way, he said each unit would cost him more Rs27.

Meanwhile, vegetable prices also showed an upward trend at the Municipal Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) weekly bazaars where according to the price list, the price of Lokee (Kaddu) was Rs125 per kilogram and lady finger was sold for Rs96 per kilogram.

Onion and potato prices are also on the rise with Rs456 and Rs280 per five kilograms while good quality fruits except pear which were selling at Rs100 to Rs120 per kilogram at the weekly bazaar.

The majority of people in the weekly bazaars, whether merchants, customers or vendors, were unhappy with the current government and believed that the regime had paid the price for its blunder in the form of a defeat in the Punjab by-elections. .

However, many critics believe that the previous government also failed to complete hydropower projects on time, nor did it purchase LNG in a timely manner at relatively low rates. “If the previous PTI government had been successful, we could get cheaper electricity,” they think.

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