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Fifty-seven percent of working professionals say they don’t feel comfortable returning to the office. Building occupants rely on cleaning professionals to assure them that the environment is safe. Even though they are responsible for the upkeep of the space they rent, there are many important points of contact in the common areas: elevator buttons, toilets, entrances, and even parking pay machines.

Don’t just say, show

Tenants are not cleaning experts. They can’t look at a cleaning schedule, chemicals list, and employee training videos to understand how the sanitization schedule works to create a healthier facility.

This means cleaning professionals need to distill the sanitization program into an easy-to-communicate plan that tenants can share with their employees. If you are working with an outside vendor for cleaning, they may be able to support the organization with details such as email content to be shared with employees and digital signage in common areas.

It is not enough to just hear what is being done. The occupants of the building must also see it. Whether cleaning staff work during office hours or use signage to indicate when an area has been sanitized, these practices demonstrate to tenants and their employees that cleaning professionals are actively creating a healthy environment.

The right disinfection program is holistic

While high contact points are an important focal point for any disinfection program, there is much more to consider. That is why professionals should start with an assessment. Even if the facility has already reopened, it is a good idea to reset the cleaning schedule with an assessment, followed by regular disinfection of contact points and wider disinfection of spaces at appropriate intervals.

Taking a methodical approach – instead of a step-by-step approach – to disinfection is the best way to give tenants and their employees the peace of mind that the well-being of buildings is taken seriously.

Article written by Lane Williams, vice president of sales at ABM.

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