Electricity workers protest unsafe working conditions

LAHORE: Thousands of power workers on Wednesday observed a ‘day of protest’ under the auspices of the All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union CBA against unsafe working conditions of line workers occasionally resulting in accidents in the line of duty due to a severe shortage of line personnel.

Within days, two linemen from Peshawar Power Company and two linemen from Islamabad Power Company and one from Gujranwala Power Company died from electrocution in the carrying out their duties while 20 linemen were victims of fatal accidents.

Thousands of workers staged a mass protest rally outside the Lahore Press Club carrying national flags and banners in support of their demands. Addressing workers, union general secretary Khurshid Ahmad reminded government and DISCO management that it is their constitutional and legal responsibility to ensure safe working conditions for workers in workplaces. .

They urged the government to increase the salaries and pensions of electricity workers and reduce the prices of essential items of daily use for the working class and the poor segment of society. The rally was addressed by Haji Younas, Osama Tariq, Nosher Khan, Rana Shakoor, Haji Liaqat, Malik Zahid, Liaqat Ali Gujjar, Naveed Ashiq Dogar, Rana Shafiq, Muzaffar Mateen, Hassan Munir Bhatti and other union representatives.

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