Electricity production halted in Nepal after a man clung to a transmission line

Electricity generation at the Nuwakot hydroelectric power station in Nepal has been blocked after a person climbed on a power transmission line and snagged on it. The national electricity authority, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) was forced to stop the electricity project and cut off the power supply to the Upper Trishuli 3A Hydel station line after a person climbed over the transmission line here.

The Upper Trishuli 3A Hydel station has a capacity of 60 MW. The person was identified by local police as Maila BK of Ghalegaun of Belkotgadhi-13 Municipality of Nuwakot District.

“BK is clinging to the transmission wires after 10:00 a.m. (NST), therefore, we cut off the power supply,” spokesman Suresh Bhattarai confirmed by phone to ANI. According to the NEA official, an average loss of about 1 million Nepalese rupees has been suffered by the country due to the power supply disruption.

Meanwhile, Energy Minister Pampha Bhusal also called on the Nepal Army to deploy a helicopter to pick up and lower the person from the transmission line and avoid further casualties. (ANI)

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