Electricity production down 21%


In a media advisory, the Tanzania Electric Supply Co. (TANESCO) said yesterday that the ongoing drought across the country is threatening power generation at hydropower plants, noting that the depletion of water in dams has affected power generation at Kihansi, Kidatu and Pangani power plants.

The company was thus preparing to increase the production of electricity from natural gas, by accelerating the maintenance of some of its plants, including Ubungo I with a capacity of 25 MW, Kinyerezi I with 185 MW and Ubungo III with a power of 112 MW at full speed, said the firm. .

The company is also looking forward to launching the 36 MW power station at Nyakato Power Plant, adding a total of 358 MW to the power available for the national grid, he said.

Power cuts are expected in various regions, in which case the company will release information in a timely manner so that customers can properly plan their activities, the notice intoned, regretting the inconvenience caused by the ongoing power outages. .

Routine power generation data places the country’s capacity at 1,605 MW where the contribution from gas exceeds 900 MW, hydropower 508 MW and renewables around 58 MW input, but some projections claim that d ‘By 2023, out of 550 MW of new energy input generated by the private sector, private sector sources will represent 400 MW. and the 150 MW public sector, with the parastatal expecting a new 600 MW entry by 2025.

Hydropower generation is one of the main sources of electricity today, but the main rivers feeding major dams have low water levels due to a prolonged dry season.

Last week, TANESCO Director General Maharage Chande said there was no power rationing yet, but intermittent blackouts and early morning power cuts in the city of Dar es Salaam are commonplace.

Maintenance of transformers is often reported as causing power interruptions.

A fortnight ago, Energy Minister January Makamba scrambled to explain on social media what sustainable solutions are available for endless blackouts.


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