Electricity prices are falling: it’s time to change and save




If you had an electric bill of $ 2,000 per year two years ago, you’re on a good, discounted plan and haven’t changed plans since, now you can save an additional $ 264 per year just by switching to one of the more recent offers. Upgrade to one of the cheaper plans on offer and that number is more likely to be $ 300 to $ 400 per year.

These kinds of savings are especially welcome for the millions of households who study and work from home, and whose electricity bills are significantly higher than normal.

Last year, the pandemic increased our average household electricity use by 10% across the country. It was more like 12-13% in Victoria and NSW – the states that had the longest lockdowns. And it’s more the same this year, with more prolonged confinements.

One of the main reasons that many people don’t switch to a cheaper plan is because they think the process is complex and difficult to complete.

However, it only takes 5-10 minutes of work now and is easy, thanks to a new generation of government comparison websites.

You simply enter the details of your most recent bill and, presto, spit out a ranked list of the cheapest available plans. Then you just click on a link after making a choice, and it will redirect you to the provider’s offer and registration page.

You can even submit a copy of your latest invoice via email and the system will read it for you, if you don’t mind entering your details.

In Victoria, go to compare.energy.vic.gov.au. For the rest of the east coast states, it is energymadeeasy.gov.au. By doing this, you can save up to $ 1000 per year for a four person house than the more expensive plans.

There is certainly nothing wrong with doing your own research on individual electricity providers to come up with a plan that is best for you.

For example, if you are environmentally conscious, there are green power options that exclude coal-fired power generation, where suppliers generate power through hydropower, solar, or wind.

Electricity is not like coffee beans. It is a generic product. Most vendors basically sell the same thing, so big brands just don’t matter.

You should consider switching providers at least once a year. It only takes a few minutes and the savings are significant.

Dark. Take advantage of the lower prices.


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