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(News USA) – Puradigm, a global leader in a new product category, simultaneous air and surface purification, has launched a residential version of its robust charged particle purification technology. Health-conscious families take note.

In a University of Florida study, Puradigm was found to be over 2,400 times faster than traditional HEPA filtration at removing SARS-CoV-2 (COVIDd-19). Extrapolating from this study, a typical HEPA filter could take 40 minutes to remove the number of harmful pathogens from an average cough size. Puradigm purified the same amount of pathogens in less than a second.

In another study conducted in hospital patient rooms, Puradigm was found to be up to 8 times more effective at reducing pathogens than manual cleaning of contaminated surfaces.

A growing number of families have found a way to stay safe in the wake of COVID-19 and mutated coronaviruses with Puradigm’s offering of HOME and HOME+ purifiers. By installing Puradigm, they are also investing in their good health by using technology to reduce mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), viruses and bacteria, and harmful chemical releases from synthetic household items. Puradigm has been certified as an organic product.

“The Puradigm HOME has been a complete game changer for our family! Our son had been suffering from environmental irritants for over a decade, and within 30 minutes of having the Puradigm HOME fitted, he was feeling better. This product really works, and we are very grateful,” says Robert M., a Puradigm customer and father of two in Southern California.

Puradigm Puradigm trusts major clients around the world to protect their workers and customers, including the Vatican, United Airlines, Lockheed Martin and the Texas State Capitol building. Dr. Jawad Shah, MD, Neurosurgeon for Insight Surgical Hospital, uses Puradigm in his surgical suites and patient rooms and has had tremendous success in reducing hospital acquired infections. Puradigm has now made this amazing technology available for home use.

Puradigm technology works by converting air and water vapor into charged particles. These charged particles are distributed throughout the home environment, attacking hard-to-reach pathogens simultaneously in the air and on surfaces, and continuously around the clock. This natural, safe and efficient works thousands of times faster than conventional air filter systems for easy, complete whole-home protection.

The Puradigm system is quiet and non-invasive, as well as energy efficient, with an estimated power consumption of less than $0.05 per day. The system is easy to operate via in-home or remote touchscreen controls, with options for wall mounting or freestanding installation. Systems are available to fit a range of indoor living spaces including single family homes, apartments and garages so families can enjoy peace of mind in any setting.

To celebrate their new residential purification option, Puradigm is currently offering 25% off its HOME and HOME+ products. Simply mention this item with promo code NEWS25 at checkout.

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