Development granted to the Waterford Estate for the distillation of whiskey in farm buildings

Planning permission has been granted for the distillation of whiskey in former farm buildings on an estate in Waterford.

The application, which was submitted by the managing director of Curraghmore Whiskey Limited in May this year, was given the green light this week to change the use of five existing agricultural buildings on Curraghmore Estate to industrial use.

The buildings will be used for spirits distillation, retail, spirits maturation and ancillary use.

The works will consist of internal alterations, demolition works in the proposed buildings, alterations to the facades, alterations to the roofs, the addition of two exterior covered emergency stairwells, conservation works to the facades and roofs of two residential units, conservation works to the existing agricultural complex gates and railings, and new site signage at the Portlaw entrance to the Curraghmore estate.

The proposed development will include the addition of five bus parking spaces and 28 parking spaces (two of which are wheelchair accessible), two gas storage tanks, three ground mounted solar panels, a new integrated constructed wetlands, a production water well, an underground fire fighting water storage tanks, four silo grain storage tanks, a process effluent tank, adaptation of an existing waterwheel to generate hydroelectricity and all other associated site works.

The request – granted under 19 conditions – will be accompanied by a Natura impact statement.


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