Chino Hills Over $ 5 Million Filtration Plant Takes Bid | News


A processing plant that has been in planning for four years and will be built on the Boys Republic property in Chino Hills has finally put out a tender.

The cost of construction, once estimated at $ 5 million, will be significantly higher due to recent increases in construction costs and other factors in the “volatile COVID environment,” according to a report from city staff.

On December 14, the Chino Hills City Council authorized staff to solicit bids for the project.

The city hired Hazen and Sawyer in March to prepare the design plans and specifications.

The filtration system, known as “granular activated carbon,” will remove a chemical called 1,2,3-TCP from the water and will be built on less than half an acre of land adjacent to the station. overpressure on avenue Eucalyptus, west of the former fire station on highway 71.

All of the city’s wells pump to this booster station. From there, the water is pumped into the distribution system.

The city was forced to shut down its wells four years ago when the state of California set a new contamination level for 1,2,3-TCP at five parts per trillion.

TCP is a manufactured chemical that has been used as an industrial solvent and as a cleaning and degreasing agent, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, which classifies it as “likely to be carcinogenic to humans.” .

The city pays more than a million dollars a year to buy water since the wells closed.

City officials described the plant as functioning as a Brita filter, passing water through the filters to remove the chemical.

Factory filters will be removed and replaced periodically by a certified supplier.


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