China generates 1.25 trillion kW of electricity from renewables

China generated 1.25 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity from renewables in the January-June period, according to a report by the National Energy Administration.

Newly added installed capacity for renewable power generation reached 54.75 million kilowatts in the first six months, accounting for 80 percent of China’s total newly installed power generation, said Wang Dapeng, an official with the NEA.

China’s cumulative installed capacity for renewable energy has grown to about 1.12 billion kW, including 400 million kW of hydropower, 342 million kW of wind power, 336 million kW of solar power and 39 .5 million kW of biomass.

Overall investment in the energy sector in the first half rose 15.9% year-on-year, including the approval of six nuclear units, the operation of 10 hydroelectric plants and pumped-storage hydroelectric projects , as well as some ultra-high voltage direct current projects.

The country added 1.3 million charging stations in the January-June period, 3.8 times more than in the same period of 2021. It has also set up more than 270 hydrogen refueling stations by the end of June as it expands construction of its nationwide hydrogen refueling network. , it said.

China is the world’s largest producer of wind and solar energy as well as the largest domestic and foreign investor in renewable energy.

Wei Hanyang, electricity market analyst at research firm BloombergNEF, believes the country’s renewables will see steady growth and solar power will welcome another wave of massive installations as solar module prices could rise. stabilize at a less costly level.

Crude and natural gas production rose 4% and 4.9%, respectively, while coal production rose 11% to 78.9 million tonnes so far this year.

Imports of crude oil and gas reached 250 million tons and 74.4 billion cubic meters respectively in the first six months and those of coal reached 115 million tons.

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