Chemical leak at Hurricane Harbor blamed on improper installation of filtration system



Spring, Texas –Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown has claimed that the chemical exposure that sent dozens of park visitors to hospital on July 17 was caused by an improperly installed filtration system.

Six Flags officials say their review of the incident determined that the third-party service company that installed the filtration system had done it incorrectly and that errors in the system allowed the chemicals to leak.

The leak took place in an outdoor children’s pool and was discovered when a lifeguard and several park visitors started to feel ill. Those affected have reported symptoms such as headache, vision problems, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and sore throat.

“We determined that the vapor development involved a low-level mixture of pool sanitizing chemicals that was discharged from the bottom of the pool through the water filtration system,” said Jason Freeman, vice president Six Flags Security. He added, “The vapor was well below any reportable amount. “

The discharge consisted of a mixture of chemicals typically used to maintain pH balance in swimming pools and contained sulfuric acid, a corrosive substance that can damage the skin, eyes, teeth and lungs.

More than 60 park visitors, mostly children, were quickly sent to hospital. Others refused hospitalization after receiving decontamination treatment on site. More than 100 people were treated by rescuers before being allowed to leave the park.

At least 225 people, mostly children, joined the lawsuit against Six Flags that emerged shortly after the incident. The lawsuit, filed in Harris County District Court, alleges the company was negligent in handling the case.

The park reopened to the public on August 5.


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