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Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions has introduced the StrataClean IQ™ Air Filtration System, an in-ceiling system that captures and removes bacteria, viruses, mold and other airborne particles using filtration Proven MERV 13.

Designed to improve indoor air quality, the clean and quiet system joins Armstrong’s portfolio of air purification products which includes the VidaShield UV24™ air purification system which uses patented air disinfection technology. air by ultraviolet light on the ceiling to purify the air. All products in the portfolio are designed to create a cleaner and healthier indoor environmental quality. Third-party testing shows in-ceiling systems operate 14% more efficiently than floor-mounted air purification technology.

The StrataClean IQ air purification system uses an internal fan to draw air through one side of the grille. The air then passes through a 2″ MERV 13 filter and is returned to the space through the opposite side of the grille. With the fan running continuously, the air in the occupied space is constantly filtered to provide clean, purified air.

The unit’s 24″ x 24″ design allows for easy installation into any suspended ceiling system, making it easy to integrate into new construction or retrofit applications. White in color, the unit coordinates with Armstrong Suspension Systems. Custom colors are also available. The unit housing is concealed above the ceiling for quiet operation. Typical applications range from education, office, and healthcare to senior living, restaurants, retail, and daycare.

No modification of the HVAC system is necessary.

The StrataClean IQ system meets the in-room filtration recommendations set forth by the EPA Clean Air in Buildings Challenge.


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