Bare Bone Vodka targets bourbon drinkers with single ingredient distillation


Houston, texas – Bare Bone Vodka is carving out a new niche in the vodka category. While most other vodkas only use one ingredient in the distillation, Bourbon-inspired Bare Bone Vodka has created a unique blend of two kernels of Texas-grown corn and wheat. Handcrafted in Texas, this singular vodka is finished using triple carbon filtration for enhanced sweetness of character.

“The origin of Bare Bone Vodka actually lies in a wacky bet I made with a group of friends,” laughs Justin McColgan, founder of Bare Bone Vodka. “I challenged them to be able to make the best vodka in America, a vodka that would outperform any others they would put on the table in a blind tasting test. Eighteen months and 82 mixes later, I now have six $ 100 bills framed on my wall.

What started as a gamble among friends has turned into a logical step for the beverage industry veteran. With more than 10 years as president of a highly regarded Napa winery and having served in various leadership roles in spirits consulting, McColgan was well positioned to rise to the challenge.

“What makes Bare Bone Vodka so special is its grain bill. Similar to bourbon, the distinctive use of corn and wheat creates a flavor and texture unmatched in the production of vodka, ”continues Justin. “We only meticulously select the best American beans; Vodka and bourbon drinkers will be satisfied.

Bare Bone Vodka is round and complex, showcasing a range of aromas including citrus zest, caramel and sweet cream. The palate expresses flavors of vanilla, curdled lemon and white pepper. Recommended dishes include the classic Mule, favorite crushed fruit from the beach and, of course, on the rocks or just groomed.

Bare Bone Vodka is also a low calorie alcoholic drink free from carbohydrates, fats and sugars. It’s the perfect accompaniment to many of today’s health-conscious lifestyle choices, such as low-carb and paleo-friendly diets. It is naturally gluten-free as the distillation process removes 100% of the gluten from the grains used in production. Bare Bone Vodka can be found in Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Missouri.

About Bare Bone Vodka

Bare Bone Vodka is a Houston-based spirits company committed to carving out a unique place for itself in the industry. Handcrafted in Texas, using only the finest locally grown corn and wheat, Bare Bone has launched a brand of vodka encapsulating the soul of the American spirit. Taking inspiration from Bourbon, Bare Bone is made from a two-grain mash bill. Their pragmatic approach personifies the character of its local roots, while keeping its founder’s promise: “An unpretentious, delicious-tasting vodka that defies its price. “

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