AOS Bath launches water heater disinfection services for homes amid growing virus concerns

Media Outreach – March 16, 2022

Disinfecting water heater tanks is gaining popularity amid growing concerns about viruses. Water heater specialist
AOS Bath (AOS) offers periodic prompts for these maintenance services. Lately, more and more tank flushing requests come from outside their usual clientele. Amanda, an executive at AOS, commented, “Singaporeans are now more savvy and tech-aware. Their drinking water standards are rising with news of every covid variant.”

With increasing demand, AOS has improved its tank cleaning techniques. From May this year, expect enhanced chlorination treatments for more thorough cleaning. These improvements aim to eliminate an even higher percentage of bacteria and viruses. Each maintenance session is accompanied by routine safety checks on the water heater.

AOS performs hundreds of household antibacterial maintenance jobs every year. Since the appearance of covid, customers have been made aware of hygiene and water maintenance. Moezuddin, a senior technician at AOS, said, “I only see brown water coming from the radiators after three years of use.”

PUB requires that water storage tanks in high-rise buildings be inspected annually. A licensed plumber must certify that the tank is clean and sanitized before it can be used. Otherwise, the tanks will become a potential source of contamination for the public. The authorities carry out random checks to crack down on careless maintenance. Otherwise, the tanks will become a potential source of contamination for the public. End users are innocent victims because residues and bacteria are invisible to the naked eye.

The same tank maintenance principles apply to domestic storage water heaters. Enterprise Singapore publishes similar guidelines for homeowners, advising regular maintenance every three years. As the housing unit is smaller, these guidelines are not applied. A specialized water heater cleaning costs between $150 and $350.

Those with a higher standard for water cleanliness can opt for a pre-filter. Prefilters allow homeowners to flush out visible sediment every few weeks. It is not necessary to wait for complete disinfection every three years. Prefilters are also commonly used in the kitchen for food preparation.

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