Air turbine power system, a solution to electricity problems


A local power company, in its effort to solve the electricity problems in the country, introduces an air turbine power generation system.

With the continued blackouts and blackouts that have affected businesses, industries, government establishments and general electricity users across the country, Air2Power Ltd believes they have the solution to power generation and transmission problems. electricity in the country.

Managing Director and Chief Engineer of Air2Power Ltd, Thompson Benguma, said his company is in the process of setting up air turbine power generation systems which can generate and supply electricity and electricity. water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at the lowest possible cost anywhere in the country.

He said the system uses compressed air to generate electricity.

The system, unlike hydroelectric, solar or any other renewable energy system, can be established anywhere in the country in the shortest possible time and closer to where the electricity and water are. required, eliminating the need for high-transmission interprovincial transmission lines prone to sabotage. by disgruntled landowners and natural causes.

“PNG Power Ltd should consider removing national grids and establishing inter-connected district and provincial grids to address the problem of continuous power outages.”

He proposed this in response to the recent sabotage of a high transmission line in Chimbu which knocked out power to seven town centers in the Highlands region and some local communities.

Mr. Benguma said his company, together with a technology partner, is ready to provide a one-stop solution to the electricity problems in the country.

He said they can do this at no cost or at no cost to the government and PNG Power Ltd whose sole task is to pay for the electricity produced at the lowest possible cost of 0.40K per kWh.

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